Welcome to Chatbot Studio

The place where we collaborate with you to design and train your AI-powered chatbot that will address your specific business needs and aspirations.

Streamline and automate your customer service and lead generation.

Create and groom your chatbot without lifting a finger

Chatbot Studio is not another chatbot building tool. We provide a concierge like experience as we build and manage a chatbot for you.

We use IBM's Watson Assistant, one of the leading artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, to ensure your bot has the the best brain power on day one.

Plus, your bot will get smarter over time. In part because that's the way machine learning works, and in part because we'll train your bot. Your bot is like a virtual employee that needs to gain experience and receive ongoing training in order to grow.

What do you want your chatbot to accomplish?

More and more entities – from small owner-operated businesses and e-commerce stores to large enterprises, educational institutions and government agencies are upgrading their online presence with chatbots. A chatbot is a software program designed to conduct an online text-to-text (occasionally text-to-speech) conversation on a website or any other online platform. Most modern chatbots are powered by a special type of artificial intelligence – Conversational AI.

Chatbots streamline and automate a wide range of business processes. Anything from providing stellar customer service or qualifying leads is easy with a chatbot.

We'll work with you to understand your existing processes and design a chatbot to save time and money.

A great chatbot is powerful yet intuitive

Conversational AI technologies use machine learning and natural language processing to understand the structure of a human sentence, its meaning and context.

Human language is so amazingly complex and intricate due to its compositionality. Humans express their thoughts in sentences composed of subjects, objects and verbs in past, present and future tenses. Human language has an endless capacity for generating new sentences by creating new combinations of words. For example, with just 25 different words it is easy to generate 10,000+ distinct sentences.

Through masterful orchestration, a clever chatbot can provide your visitor with an answer to a question phrased in a way the bot has never seen before.

Let's get started

If you have ideas about how you can benefit from a chatbot, we can start from there. We can integrate your chatbot with your favorite customer service platform, scheduling tool or nearly any other internal system. We can customize your bot to spark a conversation with a customer who is about to leave your page or who spends too much time reading through your FAQs. Do you have more ideas?

If you're not sure where to start - no problem! Sign up for your free trial, and we will get your bot up and running. We'll walk you through the process of identifying your most common inquiries and design a conversation flow that matches how your interact with your customers today.

Over time, we can expand your chatbot to address more complex scenarios, or integrate it with other tools and systems.